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As a cash customer you can enjoy the benefits of a Chamberlain Trade Card:

The Chamberlain Trade Card entitles you to a rebate after spending R20,000 (including VAT)or more in cash within the specified 12-month period: from 1 November to 31 October the following year. A rebate is paid out every November into your bank account. You can use your Trade Card at any of our branches. Application forms are in store or apply online

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There are two product categories

There are different rebate levels on different products, with over 30,000 items to choose from, including roof trusses and joinery.
The more you spend, the higher the rebate.
• All normal stock purchases collected from the store
• Excludes all category 2 purchases
• All normal stock purchases delivered to site
• All roof truss and joinery purchases
• All cement, sand, stone, bricks and non-stock buy-outs
• All promotion purchases
R 0 – R 19,999No rebateNo rebate
LEVEL 1R 20,000 – R 49,9992.0%2.0%
LEVEL 2R 50,000 – R 149,9993.0%2.0%
LEVEL 3R 150,000 – R 249,9993.5%2.0%
LEVEL 4R 250,000 – R 399,9994.0%2.0%
LEVEL 5R 400,000 – R 599,9994.5%2.0%
LEVEL 6R 600 000+5.0%2.0%

Rebate Example 1

DescriptionCategory12-month purchases Rebate achievedRebate receivable
Normal purchases collected1R 24,0003.0%R 720
Joinery 2R 5,0002.0%R 100
Normal purchases delivered2R 15,0002.0%R 300
Non-stock purchases 2R 8,0002.0%R 160
Promotion purchases2R 4,0002.0%R 80
Total Purchases R 56,000R 1360

Rebate Example 2

DescriptionCategory12-month purchases Rebate achievedRebate receivable
Normal purchases collected1R 200,0004.0%R 8,000
Roof Trusses 2R 40,0002.0%R 800
Bricks delivered direct2R 30,0002.0%R 600
Roof tiles 2R 20,0002.0%R 400
Cement2R 30,0002.0%R 600
Total Purchases R 320,000R 10,400

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1. The trade card is issued by and remains the property of FH Chamberlain Trading (Pty) Ltd, who reserve the right to decline, issue and withdraw the card at any time, or terminate the card system without notice.
2. The trade card is only applicable to cash sales, and does not include buying associations.
3. The trade card must be presented at the sales point, failing which the transaction cannot be recorded. Purchases cannot be allocated to your card retrospectively.
4. Rebates are allocated to purchases in a twelve-month period, starting on 1st November of each year. No pro rata adjustments will be allowed. Rebates will be paid out by EFT after this period has expired, and cannot be paid earlier. Regular statements of your purchases will be sent to you.
5. Rebates will only be paid to the main card holder and not to any other party.
6. Rebates and other card benefits may be changed at any time.
7. Information regarding upcoming promotions will be sent to you.